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Bengal Parents - It takes a community....

18 Nov 2015 10:17 AM | Anonymous

Hello Bengal Parents and Fans,

What does the FVHS Athletic Booster Club do you might ask? The booster's primary mission is to raise funds to support the FVHS Athletic Booster Club. Did you know that the County gives the schools only a couple hundred dollars a year to run the entire program? It takes close to $75,000 a year to run all the programs. A small portion of the gate fees goes back to the schools the rest goes to the county. So that leaves the rest up to the booster club to raise the remaining. The Booster Club raises the funds through Corporate Sponsors, Concession,season passes and other special events fundraisers.

One big part of budget comes from the sale of season passes. Did you know if you purchase season passes the entire amount stays with the schools program. If you buy tickets at the gate only a small portion of that stays at the school. 

Concession is another huge chunk of the revenue we raise for athletics. For the concessions to be successful we need volunteers to run them. We need all parents of athletes to volunteer to run concessions. Without volunteers we have to shutdown concessions which means no funds raised. So if you are a parent or fan of the athletic program we need you to step up and volunteer. We want all parents to watch their kids play their sport. So pick a few games or a different sport that your kid is not playing and volunteer to help with those games. All concession funds goes into general budget so each dollar raised helps everyone. If every parent volunteered for at least two games a year we would have more than enough to cover all the home games.

It takes a community to run the booster club. The last few years have been run by a few great parents. Some don't have kids in school. We would like to change this cycle. If you have kids in the athletic program we consider you part of the Booster Club Community. So we are asking you to take part in the Booster Club. We have many open positions on the board that we need volunteers for. Most parents on the board stay around until their kids graduate. So we need parents of freshmen and sophomores to join the board now and learn the positions so they can take over as senior parents leave. And we have a few senior parents that will be leaving us this year.  So please consider joining today. 

It takes a community!  Go Bengals!


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